Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Friday, March 24, 2017

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"The Surprising Science of Happiness."
the surprising science of happiness other people have different happiness but science can bring many of surprises like a long long time ago we used to have big head but know our heads are like half a meatloaf so why did our heads get smaller i don't know.... science is a crazy life thing. science is what we learn if we didn't have science we wouldn't have so much information about cells of where we come form things like that .

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What makes me happy ? 
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What makes me happy is when i play softball because it takes me to my happy place in my mind it keeps  me calm also makes me focus more on what the priority i have next. its my stress free zone and negativity free zone ! i started to play softball during freshman year i wasn't every good at it but he more i started to go to the practice every day by then i was good and all i wanted to do was just practice all day even if practice was over i still enjoy it till this day im not going to play this because i have some issues but next im going to be playing the season but for now im just going to get in shape and get prepared for the next season. the second thing makes me happy is my boyfriend why because hes the most exciting thing that has appeared in my life he keeps a smile on my face all the time and hes there for me like a best friend im also there like a best friend if i need him when im at hard times i feel better i can talk to him like if hes been with me forever he understands me keep me on track at school and i do the same to him we both want each other to succeed in life hi smile warms my heart like no other yeah i know that we might fight a lot but were still going to be together and be stronger than ever walk together block the haters out ignore all the negativity in life but the most important thing is that im so blessfull to have him as a boyfriend and a bestfriend . Although everyone's favorite thong that makes them happy is FOOD i love food is the one the thing to win my heart food is the most important thing in life to survive.

Friday, October 28, 2016

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love is not so easy love is a wonderful thing that you can enjoy in life love can hurt love can make you feel very different it can make you feel like your on a cloud. love at first sight is a great feelings most people always ask what is love ? love is something you cherish and when you and your partner are so deeply in love with each other when you guys make each other laugh and can talk for hours. love has so many challenges and many fazes love is like a fantasy world like eternal love in the princess movies love is amazing but also terrifying at times.  love is everywhere you turn your head u might say no but it is but everyone loves anybody a friend , a couple ,family , ect. love is like going into an adventure exploring so many things and love is like a lesson that can be taught in many different ways. in for my experience love is very tough at times but at the end of the day so guys get to love each other again and make things a lot better and sometimes you guys forget that you were arguing about something stupid. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

try something for 30 days

        Try something for 30 days      
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i would like to try something for 30 maybe a work or try new foods because it really good to try things that you might not have tried and it doesn't hurt to do that some people dont like to try something.New once i had tried to sushi for the first time in my life!!!!!! i had always thought it would taste so gross just by the way it looked but turned out im in love with it i always want to eat it now . like for example its like saying you dont like a person and you dont even know them you cant just judge someone or something just by how they look. so i sugguest to try something for 30 days and try to stick to that and it might make a difference in you food style. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

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how to rise your kids successfully without over protecting your kids !

Image result for overprotective parentsyou cant always be there and to tell your kid to do good or you better do this and get in this you can go to a really good college. you cant always tell your kid the thing you want to tell them even though you already got into their minds about everything. They stress about thing about there grades and what classes you know to take to get int this college and then go on their phones and ask a friend or 2 an say " can you get into college with this grades ".There so worried a lot there own parents want their kids to be a big achiever and have something to brag about to your friends or co workers or to just at least have a sticker on the back of your bumper. when parents tell there kids what to do all the time its going to mess up your child some parent feel like they need to lead them in the right directtion by putting them under pressure so they always have to make sure they go to the right school and they have to get the right class at the school and they have to get the right classes at the right school also get the grades they should get at thta school. parents harm their kids but they just dont see it they always feel they have to huver them all the time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

my symbol

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My symbol is a wolf why you must ask its because a wolf protects its pack(family)this is why i choose it cause i am strong, brave and very protective of the people around me.i like too hink i brave because it builds confidience in me and also akes me feel better about myself the reason why i choose this symbol is because is who i am in the inside and outside of me i will always show braveness inside of me it will always be with me cause tha what helps be who i am.